How to Write Perfect Welcome Message: 6 Quick Tips


If you are collecting recipients using an opt-in form on your website or blog, the very first email you send them after their confirm subscription is the welcome email. The impression the welcome email produces is very important. It represents you or your company, expresses your attitude towards the subscriber and can to some extent determine the subscriber’s decision to stay with you or not.

As a reputable online marketer, you’ll want to make sure that your welcome message contains the following:

1. Salutation. It’s normal that you want to welcome your new subscriber, however some email marketers ignore it. On my opinion you may not add the salutation in your future email newsletters emails but not in the welcome message. And if you ask for the recipient’s first name during the signup process, address the subscriber by the first name to demonstrate your respect towards him and set their mind to the long term relationship with you.

2. Subscription reminder. Despite the fact that the welcome message arrives almost immediately after the subscription took place, there is nothing wrong with reminding the subscriber why you have the right to email them. People may subscribe at many sites and may simply forget about their subscription with you. So, to avoid your welcome email being classified as spam, include a short reminder where, when and what they subscribed for.

3. Unsubscribe/modify profile link. Put the unsubscribe link at the place where it can be easily found. Even better if you allow them update their profile with you (name, email address and other personal information they gave you when subscribing). People may want to receive your newsletters at a different email address, or may want to transfer the subscription to another person in the company. You can call the link like “Modify your profile”, or “Update/Cancel Subscription”. By clicking on that link the recipient will have a choice to unsubscribe or update their information in your database.

4. Whitelist request. To ensure they will receive your forthcoming newsletters into the Inbox, ask them to add your “From” email address to their safe sender list or address book. This way they will also see the pictures you may send in your emails without having to download the images manually.

5. “Forward-to-friend” link. People are often willing to tell their friends and colleagues about the company and products they like. Make it easy for them by adding a “Forward-to-friend” link.

6. Incentive to stay subscribed. In addition to the content they are subscribed for, give them an incentive to look for your future messages, a hint about what they will receive in your next email. To hook them solidly and keep them intrigued, you may tell about an exclusive subscriber-only offer that you will include in one of your follow-ups.

Don’t forget to test your welcome message. Remember that you cannot send it twice. So, go to your website and subscribe yourself. See how your welcome message looks like when received in different email clients, platforms and mobile devices to make sure it displays well for everyone.

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