How To Use Relationship Building Email Subject Lines That Work


I’ll let you in on a secret. I didn’t start really connecting with my list and profiting from it until I learned to build a relationship with my readers. And that relationship starts with the email subject lines. Having a good subject line is the key to getting email opened and the start to it all. Here are my three best tips for writing great subject lines that will help you connect with your subscribers.

Share Something Personal

The first tip is to share something personal in your email. Try to relate it to whatever your email is about. You can tie all sorts of personal experiences in with just about any topic if you’re a little creative about it.

Here’s an example of a personal email subject line I used in one of my niche websites. It reads “My house was a mess…”. In the email I go on sharing about how we did a lot of traveling last summer and as a result my house was a mess. It got one of the best open rates and I received all sorts of encouraging replies from my subscribers. I also promoted a home organization eBook in that email which converted really well.

Start by thinking about what’s been going on in your personal life. Have you been on vacation, had a sick child at home, found out about a great new restaurant? Start with that and then figure out how it relates to the topic of your email message.

Keep It Casual

You don’t want your subject lines to sound too stuffy or commercial. You’ll get the best results by keeping it casual. Pretend you’re writing a personal email to a close friend who just happens to be interested in the topic of this week’s email message that you’re working on. How would you write that subject line? I’m sure it’ll be very different from what you come up with when you just think about writing to your list of 1000 subscribers.

Use Their Name – Occasionally

When I first got started with email marketing (many, many moons ago), I heard people recommend over and over again to use the subscriber’s name in the email subject line. Sadly this was done way to much over the past few years. That being said, this strategy still works really well if you use it sparingly. Don’t start each email subject line with their name. Instead save this technique and use it only a few times per year – on promo emails that you expect to convert really well.

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