How to Use Pinterest for Event-Triggered Marketing


Fashion retailers should take advantage of the incredibly rich user-generated content that’s growing by the minute on hot social sharing site Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Twitter in February, after Twitter barely squeaked ahead in January. According to Business Insider, Pinterest’s traffic grew 52% between January and February, up from 11.7 million unique visitors to 17.8 million unique visitors). Users pin favorite images of things that they want or items that inspire them.

Since each image is individually pinned, you can identify which images are being clicked on. If a person has been to your website before, your web tracking system, such as Omniture or CoreMetrics, will be able to match up these product images to the customer’s cookie, and you would know that the referring site was Pinterest. You can then use this information to send a customized, relevant event-triggered email. Remember that messages that you send should be helpful to the customer and not feel heavy-handed.

Here are five examples of triggers you should consider:

1. If a user clicks on a single pin multiple times over the course of 3 days, send a message with the product image and a special offer, after auto-checking that the person did not already purchase the product.

2. If a user clicks on multiple pins, create a style board of the images with a message about celebrating the user’s individual style.

3. Generate a list of top-pinned products and group by style. If a person clicks through images that match that style, send a message highlighting the top-pinned products in that style.

4. Identify heavy Pinterest users. If a person clicks through to your site from more than five pins, encourage this by compiling and sending a list of “hot” pinned items.

5. If a user clicks through on a product that you have already identified as over-inventoried, send a message with a special offer on the product that is not available on the public site, after auto-checking that the person did not already purchase the product.

With Pinterest’s growth showing no signs of slowing down, retailers with the expertise and tools to capture interest and send relevant messages to customers already raising their hand is a no-brainer. One last tip: don’t forget the basics. Make it easy for customers by adding a subtle reminder to pin their favorites by including the Pin It button on your website, which you can find for free on the Pinterest site.

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