How To Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts?


Are you using keywords in your blog posts?

Using keywords that are visible in search engines is important to use a primary resource otherwise you may be potentially missing out on the valuable amount of free traffic you can take advantage of to lead to your blog and other exposure opportunities as well, such as increasing the amount of fans. It’s not something to take likely these days and with writing and maintaining your website or blog, because connection is key and there are millions of people that are across the globe that you can reach in an instant.

The question to ask is ‘are people even finding your blog?’

I know for me, checking my own website numbers and statistics are often

Google Analytics and StatCounter are good websites to use that are free and work very well with tracking statistics. I’ve learned one of the best ways to get more traffic to your site is through effective keyword search.

The Power of Keywords

Discovering the power of keywords wasn’t just happenstance but there is a science and art to choosing the best words for your website or article or blog post. It’s something to be said that not many take the time to understand the science behind it; partly due to the research that’s involved because it does require time and effort. As long as you take the right approach when it comes to research and to where it doesn’t make you cringe at the thought, this important part of the cycle becomes easier and fun. Particularly when more and more traffic starts to come your way.

The Process of Keyword Research

When it’s time to find keywords for me, the first part of the process is to brainstorm. As a matter of fact, there is software specifically for “brainstorming” called SBI which is a really great tool to have. There are some others that I’ve used with success as well. Again, this is to put you in the mindset of brainstorming.

• Free tools: Google AdWords, Keyword Selector, Wordtracker (Free Trial)

• Paid tools: Wordtracker, Market Samauri, SBI Brainstorming Software, Keword Elite

You can decide which tool works for best for you and let’s get going!

Three Steps to Finding the Perfect Keywords for Your Blog

This is the fun part; sort of like treasure hunting.

Step #1: Brainstorm a list of topics. Like I mentioned about brainstorming; make a list of topics that are related to your niche and you don’t limit yourself. Write them all down!

Step #2: Enter a topic into your chosen keyword tool. Now start going down the list writing those topics in the search box of the keyword research tool you’ve chosen.

Step #3: Analyze the results. When reviewing and analyzing the results, look for two main criteria points:

1. Demand – You want to make sure there is a market for your topic and determine how much demand there actually is. How many people are searching for the keyword or topic you listed? Obviously, the more the better.

2. Competition – With completion, this works opposite of the demand criteria; the less competition you have the better. Look to determine how many web pages have already been written on the topic. Again, less is more.

Don’t be like me when I first started blogging because I loved to write, would just write blogs haphazardly about any and everything. Invest in the time to research and find the best keywords possible to go along with your blog post and reap the rewards of the increase in traffic, leads and sales!

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