How to Use Email Marketing to Create Passive Income


In this article I am going to discuss how to create some passive income in your email campaigns. Passive income is money that you make with little effort and keeps generating income over and over again.

Auto responder Account

In order to send emails out to people on autopilot you will need an auto responder account with a reliable company such as Aweber or GetResponse. Once you have your account set up then you can start to add emails (or letters) that will go on schedule. When someone signs up to your list they will receive these emails on autopilot – without you doing anything.

Make sure that you include valuable content in your emails so that you are seen as someone who knows the niche topic. You need to build trust and respect with your subscribers.

Every now and then you will send out an email that is promoting a product relevant to your subscribers.

This might be your own product or it might be one that you know is good and you have an affiliate link for.

This is the link that you would include in your promotional email. Since your have worked on developing trust and respect, your subscribers are likely to click on your link to the sales page.

The sales page does its job of selling and if they purchase you make money. More money if it is your own product of course!

(If you create your own product then you need to have this done beforehand to that your system can run on autopilot).


Since this email campaign is already set up and ready to go all you have to do is get lots of traffic to your squeeze page for people to sign up to your list.

Your squeeze page will have an offer on it that people can receive for free if they sign up to your list. Therefore this offer needs to be valuable to your target market.

Since we are talking about passive income, this traffic needs to be generated automatically – in other words without you being there!

Using content to drive traffic is a great way to generate traffic automatically. Your content is permanently out there for people to read or watch if it is a video and your squeeze page and email campaign is all set up and ready to work for you when people sign up to your list.

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