How To Use Email Marketing Services To Your Advantage


For most companies, it is not feasible to personally contact each client and prospect on a regular basis, so email marketing services provide a great alternative. Email is a convenient way to communicate with these populations other than face-to-face and has been proven very effective. Some companies mistakenly shun email because they feel it is impersonal. If they knew how to customize their email communications, they would surely think otherwise.

Email newsletters are the perfect communication tools to summarize the content of a corporate blog or provide brief announcements regarding upcoming projects. Some companies have taken the personal aspect of these newsletters to an entirely new level. By including employee biographies in each issue, they allow customers to put a face to the names or departments with whom they interact. Learning about the staff and their experiences with the company allows customers to feel closer to the organization.

Email marketing software enables any business, large or small, to create and distribute its own newsletters. Some software includes several generic design templates to choose from, while others enable a company to totally customize the look of its newsletter. For any company that does not have an in-house design team, this is a great alternative. Designing the template is made easy and fun, even for someone with no previous experience.

General advertising rules hold true when developing email newsletters. The layout should be bold, eye-catching, but uncluttered. It is better to provide a synopsis of information in the newsletter and have readers click a link to learn more on the company Web site. Article titles and other headers should contain strong action words to captivate the attention of readers and make them want to read on to learn more.

The best software allows the sender to identify who has opened and read the email, as well as which recipient addresses are invalid. By periodically running reports, companies can determine which content is capturing the most attention. If they include coupons, discounts, or other special offers in the email, businesses can see which ones are most popular with readers. This allows a company to tailor future communications for success.

Incorporating an opt-in or lead generation aspect on the company Web site allows the business to build its email distribution list. Emails that bounce back as undeliverable can be followed up on to get the correct address. Companies can also send multiple newsletters, each targeting different segments of its prospect list, altering the email distribution list as needed. Newsletters can be further personalized by including content in which recipients have previously expressed interest.

For an even more tailored approach, some companies provide assistance with email marketing. These professionals have years of experience and know what works best each industry. They work with clients to come up with the most effective layouts and designs for email communications. Whether a company has a physical location or does business entirely online, it can reap great benefits by using email marketing software or retaining the services of skilled email marketing professionals.

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