How To Use Article Directories For Your Traffic Needs In Your Article Marketing Campaign?


You can use article directories for your traffic needs in your article marketing campaign if you know how?

Article marketing involves lots of writing. You would have to write many articles before you can see results. Many internet marketers are now turning to article marketing as a tool to drive traffic to their websites or blogs.

What you need to do is to write articles and submit to those popular article directories you can find. You article will be acting as the media to link it up to your site via back links embedded in it. You have to start building those back links and you will see results pretty fast.

The reason why most internet marketers found their site lowly ranked by the search engines when they are first starting out in their online businesses is because they lack those links that point back to their websites.

Without a budget, going out there to buy back link is not one of your option. Going swapping with other webmasters will not work either. Who is going to exchange links with you if your site is lowly ranked?

Even with the best article you wrote will not bring your traffic without having you built your back links first.

But you would think that you could build that traffic on your own by having the best SEO optimised keywords contents on your site but that does not stop Goggle from ranking your site lower if you would, even if you have the same contents published in these top directories?

The reason is because top article directories easily outrank you for Page rank as far as Google is concerned.

If Google is to go out and index both article of similar content, one on your site and the other on article directories, guess which site will show up tops in the same keyword search in Google results page?

Who you think has the higher PR if it is compared between the two? It is not who has the article first but which site has the higher PR.

Google will just put the article from article directories on top and will just send you down the rankings and article directories article will keep showing up whenever a search is made on that contents despite the same keywords are used.

Remember when you write your article, your content is not going to be a competition for your website.

This is how it works-for example, both the contents of your website and that article in the directories are created equal but your article in article directories have back links that point back to your website.

Your article riding on the article directories higher page rank will show up whenever a search is made on the same keywords and you do not even have to worry about your own keywords out-ranking your site, as you can still get those traffic coming back to you via your back links.

The next time your site does not show up with your Google search maybe what you need is to put in place an article marketing campaign, with the use of article directories for your traffic needs.

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