How To Train Your Email Subscriber List To Buy From You Even After You’ve Offered Them Some Freebies


If you want to make any money online, you really do need to build an email list of subscribers that you can contact whenever you want and send them to whatever webpage, blog post or offer you choose. The best way to build that list is by giving away an ethical bribe or a free video or report so that they have a reason to voluntarily join your newsletter.

But how do you get those subscribers to then buy from you, to exit the friend zone and pay you money after you’ve offered them freebies? You can add in your own personality, ask them questions, send more emails and even craft a better offer, write a better sales letter for people to go to.

If you’ve been building a list for too long and been too nice and not promoted anything that people can pay money for, you need to retrain your list. One way to get your subscribers to actually read your emails and click on your links is to know you personally. That’s why you should make sure to tell them your name, write as you normally would and even record a video or two whether it’s a live action or a screen capture video telling them some kind of message.

The second thing you can do is ask questions in your emails. The majority of email marketers only send emails one way. They have something to tell to their subscribers but they don’t actually listen or ask for any kind of a response. Ask your subscribers what they’re doing, what’s their website, what is their problem and how can you help in whatever niche you are helping them out with. Maybe you can reply one on one to some of these subscribers if your list is small or tally up all the questions and create a presentation, an email response, a blog post, a webinar or even a product based on those responses.

Above all, if you really want your subscribers to buy from you, you need to deliver them value and that might mean that you need to send a couple of more simple, short and quick emails reminding them where they should go. It might mean that you have to send the same URL to those subscribers several times during the course of a week to be sure that they will see it. It might also mean that you need to write better blog posts or write better sales letters so that people understand the value and have a compelling reason to buy right now and graduate from becoming a freebie email subscriber to an email subscriber that pays you money and uses everything you have to offer.

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