How To Test And Tweak Your Content-Based Email Marketing Campaign


A content-based email marketing campaign is where you send daily emails that are content filled for 100 days or more. The idea is to do a ‘dual purpose’ email, where the email gives valuable tips and techniques (content) AND the email offers a product or service that’s related to the topic of the email.

For instance, the email topic might be about keyword research. The email itself teaches about a specific part of keyword research, but at the end of the email, you give them the opportunity to learn more about keyword research with a product you’re promoting. The product can be an affiliate product or one you create yourself.

Creating the 100 emails is only half of the process. You have to improve your campaign and optimize it to get the best results. There’s anecdotal evidence showing a majority of buyers will buy from you within the first 15 days of a campaign. Therefore, it’s important you maximize your campaign by putting your highest performing emails in the front of your campaign.

To test and tweak your emails, all you have to do is use the reporting functions of your email service provider. Any good email service provider will provide you open rates for your emails and the click through rates, which is really the number you want to maximize. When people open your email and they click on the link to your product your offering, that’s someone who is interested in that product.

At the end of each month, get the data you need from the reports and reorganize the order of your emails. Take your top 10 emails and put them at the front of your campaign. Take your bottom 10 emails and either edit them, or throw them away and rewrite them altogether. That way, you’re always maximizing your top emails and making your lowest performing ones better.

When you do this consistently month in and month out, in a years time you will have a powerful content-based email marketing campaign that will flat out get you results. You don’t have to stop at 100 emails either. That’s really just a minimum. If you have 200, or 300, or 2 years worth, just rinse and repeat the same process, but increase your numbers from the top 10 to maybe the top 20 or top 30.

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