How to Submit Website to Search Engines


Very few websites are visited by means of the visitor entering the websites URL in the address bar. When visitors want some sort of information, the first thing that will always come to their minds is Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This has made it very effective getting traffic if your website is ranked high in the search engines result pages. This is you need to submit website to search engines.

This may sound like one challenging task but it actually is not. Following the following simple steps will see you successfully submit your website to Internet engines and start enjoying the traffic that comes with that.

The first thing you need to do is determine which search engine you are interested in using. You definitely want the search engine that is used by most people as this will have a potential of bringing more visitors to your website. Statistics have it that 70% of users make searches using Google while Yahoo gets around 15%. Other websites share the remaining percentage.

There are two major methods of submitting your website to such engines. The first and the easiest is by visiting their add-URL pages or simply their website submission pages. Here you find a space on which you can type your page’s URL. The best thing would be to copy the website’s address from the browser’s address bar and paste it on that space.

The other way is to submit your website’s site map to the selected Internet engines. This mainly applies with Google. To do this, two things are involved. You first need to create a Google Webmaster Tools account following the instructions Google provides. Then you will need to.xml file called a sitemap. This should be specially formatted and the job is best done by an expert or by used of software specially designed for this purpose.

However, not all search engines have such an elaborate way of submitting your website. To submit website for searching does not also guarantee that your website will have a high ranking. Therefore the whole thing comes back to SEO techniques especially use of the correct keyword. If you want your website to feature high in all search engine result pages, you should put more effort in improving your websites content and make sure that you use such techniques as submitting articles to directories, improving your websites page speed, including relevant and useful content in your website and others.

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