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Submitting your website to the Open Directory Project (also known as DMOZ) is an important step in search engine optimization (also known as SEO). The Open Directory Project, which is, is run entirely by volunteers. Your website submission will be hand-reviewed by one of the volunteers before it’s considered for inclusion.

The Open Directory Project is usually under-staffed, so it can take six months to get your submission reviewed. But it’s well worth the wait because it is used by a large number of portals and directories. This means that your will not only be found on the Open Directory, but it’s also more likely to be indexed properly by all of the major search engines.

When submitting to the DMOZ, make sure you follow the directory submission guidelines.

Three months after submitting, check to see if your website has been reviewed. If it has not, send a follow-up email to the category editor. You could also ask for assistance in the Open Directory Public Forum.

Some rules to follow when submitting to the Open Directory Project or any other directories:

1) Only do it once: There is generally no need to need to resubmit to a search engine or directory unless your site is dropped entirely (which is a very rare occurrence). The exception to this rule is: Google. Each time you make significant changes to your site, I recommend re-submitting your URL to Google.

2) Do it properly: Be thorough when submitting to directories. Take the time to research and locate the most appropriate category for your site and to write an accurate and keyword rich title and description. I recommend keeping your description under 250 characters.

3) Be patient: Search engines and directories 2-6 months to index and list your website, the Open Directory Project may take longer. Do not resubmit. If you submit to the DMOZ more than once, you will most likely be penalized.

Submissions can be time consuming, but taking the time to do it and do it right, will pay dividends for your website for years to come.

Just follow these guidelines and tips on how to submit to the Open Directory Project and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your website listed in the DMOZ directory.

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