How To Stop People Unsubscribing From Your Email List


Look, if you read my ezine articles regularly, you’ll know I tell you not to worry about people unsubscribing from your email list.

And if you’re doing email the “correct” way, then it’s true… you shouldn’t worry about people unsubscribing.

And heck, you should even want it.

After all, if you’re getting no one unsubscribe, then you’re probably not being polarizing enough.


And it’s a big but…

You definitely DON’T want people unsubscribing unnecessarily.

So what do I mean by “unnecessarily”?

Well, look at it like this:

If someone unsubscribes from your list because they didn’t like your personality, or they didn’t like something you said, then that’s a good thing. After all, they would make for ball ache clients and customers anyway. Plus, if people are unsubscribing because they don’t like your personality, then there’ll be plenty of others who love your personality.

Clearly, these are the ones more likely to buy.

So that’s what I call a “good” unsubscribe.

Yet if people unsubscribe because your emails are too boring, now that’s what I call a “bad” unsubscribe. In fact, making your email boring is one of the greatest email marketing mistakes you can possibly make.

Making your emails entertaining, on the other hand, is one of the best email marketing tips you’ll get.

Look, don’t worry about offending anyone in your emails. Being polarizing is a good thing.

Don’t worry about some low life taking time out of their day to email you something negative. Feel sorry for them. Clearly got nothing better to do.

But you absolutely should worry if people are getting bored by your emails.

The best ways to entertain?

1) Tell stories

2) Give your own opinion about things

3) Don’t “dilute” your personality.

Do these three things and your email marketing will become much more profitable.

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