How to Start Your Own Successful Drop Shipping Business and How to Find Wholesale Suppliers


How to Start Your Own Successful Drop Shipping Business

Using a drop shipping supplier is an ideal way to start an online business. The term ‘drop-ship’ refers to the practice in which a store owner does not keep any products in stock. Instead, when a product is purchased, the order is forwarded to the supplier who then packages and posts the product directly to the customer on the store owner’s behalf.

For anyone wanting to start their own online business, using suppliers that can ship products for you alleviates the need for keeping stock. It enables you to offer a huge range of products without ever having to store, handle, or ship any of the merchandise yourself. You can sell products from your own website and also from Facebook.

The process of selling products from your own website using drop ship suppliers is simple.

· Product descriptions, images and postage costs are obtained from the supplier and uploaded to your own website.

· A customer places an order on your website and pays for the product and shipping costs.

· You forward the order and payment for the product (wholesale price) to the supplier.

· The supplier processes the order, packages the goods and sends the product directly to the customer.

· You keep the profits – which is the difference between the suppliers price and the retail (marked up) price that you sold the product for.

Drop shipping is a very low risk way of successfully selling products online.

To start your own online store requires the following;-

– Access to reliable suppliers

– Access to stock, that can be sold for profit

– Setup of your own website and online store

It can be a difficult process to find reliable suppliers who can provide a drop shipping service. As the supplier is essentially responsible for the product, its packaging and shipping, it is important to have trust in the suppliers that you use, and also the services and products that they provide.

When setting up a website and online store, it is important that your website meets the needs of your business. It should include a fully automated shopping cart and checkout, offer shipping methods that can accommodate various suppliers shipping costs, allow you to accept payments online using PayPal and credit card and most importantly be Search Engine and User Friendly. You should also ensure that you get adequate training in using your website and operating your business. Having access to on-going support and business training services can be a huge advantage.

Progressively, more and more people are favouring buying online over conventional shopping. With the pressures of busy lifestyles, it is certainly more convenient to be able to purchase at anytime and have the product delivered to your door rather than be restricted to store trading hours and a trip to the local shops. Consumers of all ages are realising the time effectiveness of buying products online as opposed to visiting store after store in search of products. These advantages alone, are contributing to the ever increasing internet sales statistics with some business professionals foreseeing that in years to come, online sales will exceed all other forms purchasing.

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