How To Start Building Your Autoresponder List


By using an autoresponder to build up a list, you’ll get a innumerable benefits which you would not get without a list. Far too many benefits to list here, but if you’re reading this article then I’m sure you already have a good idea WHY you need to start building a list, right?

To get people to willingly sign up for YOUR list, the first thing you’ll need is something that you can offer to people in exchange for their subscription to your list. You could use a free report or something like an ecourse that can be delivered to them via email.

You need to be careful that you come up with a relevant offer for your target audience though, if they can see a benefit for themselves in your offer, they will be more likely to go for it.

For example, if you are selling a training video course about how people can make money with Twitter, you might give away a free report about social marketing. However, offering them a free giveaway about search engine optimization wouldn’t be of much use, as it would not directly relate to your main product.

You could also consider giving away someone else’s free report or eBook that comes with free giveaway rights. This would save you the trouble you might have had with creating your own product in the beginning. It would also give you enough time to start with to concentrate on building your list. Quite often, marketers use someone else’s products to offer for free; however in the future, if you are aiming at building more credibility for yourself, you will definitely want to come up with your own products.

While you are thinking over the topic you should write about, keep in mind your target market, as only then you will be able to come up with something relevant. You could also look into your own interests or something that is a popularly discussed problem among other people too.

Coming up with a report which is going to offer solutions to various problems for people is always going to be a hit. You can begin by spending a few hours doing a bit of research on Google regarding your topic. It’s not necessary to become an expert in the field, but it is desirable to have some command over it, and the more you read about it the more you will learn and so, you will be able to effectively transfer ‘knowledgeable opinion’ to your readers.

Supposing you were interested in building a new product from the scratch, but didn’t have the knowledge or writing skills to do it justice. You could consider buying Private Label Rights (PLR) products to use as your own, which basically consist of eBooks and reports that can be rewritten and used as your own product.

But please remember, these PLR packages are usually sold to hundreds, if not thousands of people, so you might have to put some effort in trying to make them unique.

In any case, the offer you come up with must have your own unique stamp on it so that people will recognize it as yours, and will relate back to you and your products in the future.

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