How To Start An Email Newsletter That Will Get You Sales


Guess what. No matter what you sell online, your sales can increase dramatically with an email newsletter. Think about it. Who is more likely to buy from you? Someone who happens to land on your website… or someone who has been exposed to you, your information, and your products over and over again? Obviously the latter is the better option.

So do you know how to start an email newsletter and start doing some email marketing for your business? Well if not, I want to give you a brief tutorial of doing so. The first thing that you will need is something called an “autoresponder”. This tool allows you to email your mailing list automatically, and promotes your products for you.

But you have to fill up your autoresponder with email messages that are helpful and that will truly benefit your reader when it comes to buy your product(s). This is the beginning of starting your own email newsletter. The next thing that you will need is something called a “squeeze page”.

A squeeze page is simply a lead capture page that is specifically designed to generate a lead. There shouldn’t be any distractions of anything else on this page. Don’t add any “follow me on Twitter” or “like me on Facebook” icons. Get in, and get out. Once you have converted your visitor into a lead, now it’s time to start marketing to them.

I personally am a fan of plain text emails. They’re simple, they don’t get blocked, and the spam score is generally much lower than full HTML emails (a lot of my plain text emails have a spam score of 0… which is really good). To even begin using plain text emails, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service.

I like “Aweber” and “Getresponse” – but it’s probably a good idea to backup your leads and lists just in case anything happens. Who knows… maybe a computer glitch or failing server in the computer may totally destroy some of the most important functions of the autoresponder company, and all of your information will be lost… including your email list. Can you imagine that happening if you had a profitable email list of around 20,000 people? So backing up is a good thing to do.

Now back to what we’ve been talking about. The thing that I’ve found that has worked awesomely for me is when I personalize my emails. This basically means that I would include my lead’s name in the subject line and body of my email. This is something that will definitely increase your response rates.

Some people don’t like to do personalization, but all of my testing (and others) have shown that when you personalize someone’s name in an email, you get much better conversion rates than if you didn’t. So this is something that I stand behind 100%, and it’s something that you should consider doing also.

Email marketing is an easy process. Don’t overcomplicate things, and always strive to provide excellent information in your email newsletter to your readers.

Good luck with your email marketing campaigns.

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