How to Split Test Your Email Campaigns


In this article I want to describe what an A/B split test is and how you can use it to test whether your email campaigns are working effectively or not and what changes you could implement to increase your open rate and click through rate.

An A/B split test is when you test two different components of an email against each other while no other factors are changed. If you change more than one thing at a time then you will not know the specific change that improved or decreased your results.

Here are two examples of how you could go about split testing:

1. You could split the number of subscribers in half and then test two different subject lines for example, to see which email gets a higher open rate.

2. You could test two different offers that you promote to your list and see which offer gets the most clicks and sales.

Basically, any time you test the effect of one element of an email (element A) against a different version of it (element B), you have an A/B test.

Continually testing will mean that, eventually, you will have completed enough tests to have a highly optimized email campaign where you can guarantee your results.

Here are some ideas on things that you could test.

Improving Your Open Rate

The open rate is the rate at which your subscribers actually open your email. The following can be tested to see if they make a difference.

  • The from email address
  • Your from name
  • The subject line
  • The day of delivery
  • The time of the day you send the email

Improving Click through Rate

The click through rate is the rate at which your subscribers click on a link inside your email. Below are some ideas.

  • Fonts and color of your links.
  • If you links are above or below the fold.
  • Left and right placement of your links.
  • The anchor text length in links.
  • The actual words you use in links.

Bear in mind that the actual content that you include within your email will also have an impact on whether people read through to your links. Always add valuable information so that your subscribers read the whole of your email and see your links.

Testing does take time and you need to be willing to take the action required based on your findings. This should be a regular part of your overall business plan as peoples preferences change with time.

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