How to Shop Online Safely?


Stepping to a jewelry store and wasting hours in buying a single piece is an old way of shopping. Online shopping has taken over traditional shopping. An individual can buy jewelry online, sitting at home and without wasting a single penny in conveyance and time. Your favorite gold jewelry piece is just few clicks away from you.

There is a misconception about online jewelry shopping that it is not safe. Though I agree that cyber crimes are prevailing at large rate, but no one can cheat you if you follow all the safety measures. Just remember a few points and enjoy a safe online shopping experience. Online shopping includes two stages: selecting the correct product and ensuring the safety.

Selecting the correct and desired product is not a difficult task. You just have to verify certain details and it is done. Size can be a determining factor in the case of rings, bangles and many more products. But this is just a stepping stone to success. There are many more factors such as style, durability, price and the quality of gold. Firstly, one should know that jewelry is not made of pure gold. It is alloyed with different types of metals such as copper, iron, nickel, platinum, steel, silver, and zinc. Alloying with different metals increases the usability of gold and reduces the price. Color is given to gold by alloying it with nickel or platinum or copper.

Since gold is a very soft metal, it may lose its shape very easily. Therefore, it is senseless in investing 24-carat gold jewelry (the purest form of gold). Therefore, 18-carat gold is a better option to go with. It is lower in price and more durable. It is 75% gold and 25% alloy. The other forms of gold such as 14-karat gold and 10-karat gold is also quite popular in jewelry making because of their strength and low pricing.

The next step is to check the reliability of the online store from where you are thinking of buying jewelry. Visitors’ reviews and ratings can help you in determining the reputation of the store. The reputation of a jewelry store helps you in building trust towards a particular brand. Besides this, shipping and payment details play an important role in online shopping. Check for the various payment options available. If you are looking for the online payment mode, it is important to check the gateway used by the store. Some of the most reliable and genuine gateways are PayPal, PayU, EBS. These gateways help you in making a secure and easy transaction. You can use fraud protection credit cards. Also install a phishing filter to avoid any type of fake communication and fraud transaction.

Look for the certificates which ensure the purity and reliability of the jewelry. Hallmark certification guarantees the purity and genuineness of the product. Also, before placing an order, inquire about various additional costs such as packaging costs and delivery costs. Return and refund policies should be clear. Never ignore online store’s privacy policies. Make sure that your information is not passed to third party merchants.

Stay conscious while filling up your details in the form. Little ignorance in entering your personal details such as address, product code or any other may create a problem. Don’t forget to check your details before pressing enter. After purchasing your item, always maintain a record of details such as time, date, receipt number, and order confirmation. If you cannot print one off, take a screenshot as a form of proof of purchase. This will help you in verifying the order at the time of reception.

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