How To Set Up Your First E-Commerce Website Using The Site Build It! Action Guide


The Site Build It! Action Guide is one of the very best online, business building guides that a prospective, online entrepreneur can use to learn how to build a website and a successful online business. Available in text, video and mobile formats, its proven, 10 Day Big Picture, lays the foundation to choose a Site Concept then, divides Content, Traffic, PRE-sell, Monetize, into easy, do-able steps to build an online, e-business in the correct order.


Site Build It! is all about e-business building, developing business ideas, turning hobbies, interests, knowledge and passion into income streams through their training, building and marketing principles.


An e-commerce website can enable an individual to start an online business, working from home. For the small business owner, it can tell the world what is important about his or her business and, what they have to offer, whether its products, service, information or, the latest specials. The key to online, business success is to know how and where to start and, how to proceed from one stage to the next. This is where the Site Build It! Action Guide becomes a valuable resource.


A website needs to be found around the world, it needs to rank high for preferred keywords through search engine optimization for maximum, free targeted traffic, and profit.

Setting up an e-commerce website requires research and evaluating business and personal goals to develop a business plan that will help reach these goals and to maximize potential. The right information and knowledge makes the difference between success and failure.

To build an e-commerce business, brain-storming, site building and marketing skills are all important. And, knowledge is one of the most profitable forms of investment for the future. The Site Build It! Action Guide removes the technical barriers through its step-by-step guidance. Its training and tools, include, hosting and domain name registration, keyword research, site concept (niche) ideas, site building, search engine optimization, monetizing ideas, marketing strategies.

Help is available through SiteSell online FAQ, there is the 24/7 SiteSell Support and, there is access to Site Build It! Forums where you can find help and answers to questions and gain an insight to new ideas and strategies.


The Site Build It! training, tools and support, provides the opportunity to build an online, e-commerce website, within a proven and systematic framework. Days 1-5 of the Site Build It! Action Guide, will be to find a profitable niche (your Site Concept), and to layout it’s blueprint through quality, content-rich, keyword focused pages while adding your own (Brain, Attitude and Motivation). From step 6 you actually begin building your website using the easy-to-use, integrated set of Site Build It! tools.


This is the ultimate niche research tool for identifying your best Site Concept for profit potential, the specific keywords that will form the basis for your site’s content and, finding your perfect domain name.


Because you are building a website to make money, this tool helps you choose the best monetization options for your Site Concept and to diversify by creating multiple income streams.


The law of supply and demand says that you build an online business around a small niche that has high demand but, low competition and, a product or service that provides a good profit margin. And, you need to write a content-rich, keyword-rich website.

A niche is a more focused, smaller part of a broad market and, is far more cost-effective, by targeting the right traffic to your website. Your Site Concept therefore, will be the central theme and foundation upon which your website will be based and where you will earn income.

Slow and steady, like the Site Build It! mascot, the tortoise, you apply what you learn through the Site Build It! Action Guide, to develop an e-commerce website that will generate targeted, highly, qualified traffic and, turn that traffic into money.

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