How To Set Up Email Campaigns That Work and Convert Prospects Into Buyers!


Want to know how to set up email campaigns that work and drive more leads through your sales funnel and deliver increased revenue?

To properly set up email campaigns that work and deliver results you need to keep your list building campaign/s specific to each sub niche that you are in.

This is key to building a responsive list and building relationships with your subscribers.

Trust me, I learnt the hard way.

Understanding your target market and tailoring your sales funnel and whole follow up sequence based on this is the strongest starting point for setting up email campaigns that work.

Let’s say for instance I am in the “make money online niche”, one of my tightly focused sub niches could be about “list building” (my favorite topic for debate).

Therefore when I add subscribers to my list, I want to tailor my follow up sequence specifically for those subscribers with an interest in building their own list of subscribers in their niche.

The point i’m trying to make is you need to make sure your follow up sequence is laser focused on your subscribers area of interest.

Adding subscribers to your list who are interested in email marketing and building their own list, and then sending them follow up e mails about making money online in general is a big NO NO!

Keep your follow up sequence laser focused. This will help ensure that your subscribers will open and read your e mails when they receive them and also improve conversions on the click through rates.

Also by understanding your target market and tailoring your email marketing campaign/s around their needs, you will also be placing yourself as an authority in your niche.

Another strong point to focus on is not to “burn out your list!”

Over promoting and continually doing ad swaps with your one finite resource (your list of subscribers), is a surefire way to damage your e mail marketing campaign.

Keep promotions to a minimum and try to only promote products to your list that you know will benefit them. If you are going to promote a product to your niche then try to ensure you have tested the product yourself and that you would be happy to recommend it to others.

Again don’t cross promote niche related products.

To Set Up Email Campaigns That Work You Need To Keep Your Follow Up Sequence Laser Focused!

An advanced strategy there, but not one to be overlooked!

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