How to Set Up an Effective Email Sales Funnel


In this article I am going to discuss how to set up an effective sales funnel in your email campaign. Having multiple products is critical when building a sales funnel as it enables you to build trust with lower priced products before promoting high priced ones.

Consistent Offers

Your free opt in gift must be relevant to your target market and your email campaign and first promotion must be related to your free gift. This will help to increase the sales conversion of your first product.

Once people have purchased from you it is important that you find out exactly what they need next. This might not be the same for everyone on your list but you will certainly find that many people need the same thing.

This is the next product you create in your sales funnel. Make it more valuable and bigger so that you can price it higher than your first product.

For those who have purchased your next product, determine what they now need. It might be coaching or it might be a complete home study course. Whatever it is, create it and package it so that you can price it higher again.

7 times rule

It is said that on average people need to be exposed to something 7 times before making a decision to purchase. That is the average so there will be some people who buy before and others after. However, the important message is that you need to repeat your offers.

This doesn’t mean that you spam your list with your offer. In means making reference to your product throughout your campaign – directly with a link or indirectly.

It might take two weeks of emails before you have fully finished promoting one product before starting on your next promotion. However long it takes, remember to always provide valuable content in your emails whether you are promoting or not.


As I have mentioned you must focus on value. Building a solid relationship at the beginning of your campaign is important but it continues to be so throughout your campaign.

One year down the road you should still be focusing on providing value. If you do then you will have plenty of repeat customers on your list.


Try to build an interactive email relationship with your subscribers. If your subscribers know that you will communicate with them personally then they will be far more willing to let you know what they need when you ask them.

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