How to Set Up a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


In this article I am going to describe how to set up an email marketing campaign that will be successful in building up a long-term, sustainable and profitable business. There are lots of types of marketing campaigns and the successful ones all involve building a relationship with your customers so that they like and trust you enough to invest their time and money with you and your products and programmes. Email marketing is brilliant for this purpose as you get to talk personally and directly to your potential customers in the comfort of their own home.

It is just like building a relationship in person so most of the same principles apply and should be used to create your email campaign. So lets use this analogy to explain what steps you should take. Think about what you would do when you first meet someone and want to build a long-term relationship with them. Would you monopolize the conversation and talk endlessly about yourself and how great you are? I hope not. Rather you would start by exchanging some basic information like your names and start to ask questions to find out what you have in common.

Going back to the analogy, your conversation has gone well but one or other of you needs to leave or move on. What would you say or do so that you could set up another opportunity to continue the conversation? What could you offer to motivate them to want to continue to see you? Can you see that so far your focus has been on them, on getting to understand them, on trying to connect with them? Now your focus needs to remain on them and move into a new phase where you offer to help them in some way and so take your relationship to another level.

Continuing with this analogy, what do you suppose would happen if you contact them as arranged but this time you switch your focus to trying to get them to do you a favour of some sort? Remember you’ve only meet once before. Do you think they will want to hear from you again? I doubt it. How about if instead you helped them directly or pointed them in the direction of someone or something to help them with their current goals and challenges? Do you think they would be eager to hear from you again? Of course, they would. I hope you are seeing my point that setting up a successful email campaign is just the same as building any other relationship and you need to have the same focus and apply the same principles.

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