How to Recover From Over Optimization


Currently throughout the world, a huge argument is being conducted that pertains to search engine optimization. It refers to negative SEO which brings about a horrifying change globally. This latest and famous occurrence is created by Google’s Penguin update. They found that several well-known websites face a horrific dilemma. They set themselves on top of Google search list just 3 months ago but however they discovered themselves moved out to the 6-10 pages seven days ago. It’s a horrible jolt for those sites.

Now the question rises what is the reason behind this incident? If we deeply observe those sites we will find that they are involved with link building which is an illegal business. They spread spammed links with some other sites. They make an effort to produce awful back linking within their sites and that’s why they are in the first page of Google.

Matt Cutts, a spam engineer of Google mentioned that they have tried to clear out those nasty links and supply appropriate ranking. Because there are many established websites those are really worthy of their high quality information. But irony of fate is that those are not available on the front page. So they are making an effort to improve their system for those helpful sites.

Let’s discuss about over optimization. Maximum sites try to get more visitors. If they receive higher rate of visitors although their content quality and SEO ranking is poor, when Google compare them with stability sheet and they become over optimized. But a lot of sites are infected by SEO hackers and become displaced. For this reason, web engineers identify the problem and published how to prevent over optimization in their blogs. The procedure is easy but needs time and tactical steps.

The recovery systems for the sites those are facing over optimization problem are…

· Webmaster tools by Google
· Social sharing
· Search engines vs humans
· Site accessibility and structure
· Quality content
· Links

Short descriptions of those are stated below:

The quality of the content depends on the style, distribution and arrangement of the idea. It prefers the perfect idea, proper expression of it and also the better form. Like, the site must be arranged in such a way that will be not only easily understandable by the visitor but also informative. Appropriate answers must be provided for enhancing the content quality.

Link building should have legitimate function. Obtaining links from spamming sites can be hazardous. Anchor and key terms must be maintained to prevent spamming. Ensure availability of those links.

For sharing, you must use well known social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter,, and Stumble Upon etc. In Facebook, only tag those people who are related to the subject, for tweet or retweet only owner circle should be used and Google+ update methods can also be helpful.

Site map is essential to get an overview idea of the site and it’s also important to prevent it from being hacked. It must be built in such a way that only human beings are allowed to access it, not the robots.

Webmaster tools by Google should be used for searching necessary items for the topics.

It should be arranged in a way that would be suitable for human to find out their desired content easily. It must contain appropriate keywords for easy searching.

So as a website owner, you should be honest, must not make any spam and should give the priority for human so that they can get useful information.

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