How To Quickly Build a List


Which sounds easier? Spend time and money to attract someone to your site, sell them something once, then spend more time and money to attract more people to your site Or Spend time and money attracting people to your site, get them on an email list, and sell to them again and again?

Turbo Charge Your Business With a List

I hope the choice wasn’t too difficult. The reality is, online marketing, for the most part, only begins to be profitable once you have an established list of loyal buyers. The benefits to having a list are:

· This established list of buyers can be sold to whenever you want to send out another email.

· The whole process can be put on auto-pilot with an auto-responder.

· People on your list grow to know and trust you.

· They continue to buy things that help them from you month after month.

To start your list you will want to write a short report and give that away as an exchange for an email address. This is one of the best ways to start your list, and to keep your list growing.

But most marketers still don’t have a list. Why don’t they have a list. Well…

Sometimes a Short Report is Hard to Come Up With

It is sometimes hard to put together a short report to exchange for an email address. That is why the short report is such a big part of starting an email list. Here is another important point to ponder.

How do you build trust so that people will get on your list, and more importantly stay on your list? Someone who gets on your list just for the download, then unsubscribes is no better than not having a list at all. You get people to stay on your list by providing something valuable to the potential customer.

The List Building Secret

The secret to list building is simple-give before your receive. You have to give something that is valuable for that email address. Then you have to give good and entertaining information in your follow up emails.

If your giveaway solves a problem, or provides an answer to a question they have been searching for, then the person that downloaded the report feels that they received something worthwhile and they aren’t annoyed that you are emailing them later.

If you can do a good job of writing to the interests of your customers, then they see that you are a real person-a lot like they are themselves, then, they might even purchase something that you recommend.

If the thing that you recommend helps them, they develop trust in you and look forward to your emails. Suddenly, you have grown and cultivated a real list, and that list is populated with buying customers eager to get your next email.

Do you see how this kind of list would be much more valuable than anything you could buy or rent? Do you see how this kind of a list could provide you with an income from month to month?

But it all starts with a short report that you can give away for an email address.

This give-away can be a short report of 7 to 15 pages. It should be centered on solving one specific problem, or answering one vexing question.

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