How to Properly Use The Up Sell


Up Sell, Up Sell, Up Sell…

Do you up sell?

Lack of an up sell in the sales process is the #1 mistake I see online marketers make.

And making this mistake is literally costing you 30% to 40% in lost revenue that you could easily be making on 100% auto-pilot. Sound improbable? By the end of this email you’ll see exactly how this is not simply possible, it’s almost impossible to fail if you simply follow this one simple trick.

But before I tell you how to do this, I want you to think back to the last time you were in McDonalds. Remember how many pictures there were of French fries?

And the French fry sculptures and the French fry toys. French fries in your face no matter which way you looked. So there’s a good chance that by the time you ordered your food, you realized that McDonalds sold French fries…right?

Yet the 16-year old kid behind the counter still asked you if you wanted fries with your burger. And no matter whether you took the fries or not, they then asked you if you wanted to ‘super size’ your order. What that ‘first job ever kid’ really did was

to ‘up sell’ you in order to get more revenue per customer. Now he didn’t trick you or force you to buy anything…he simply suggested something else that you may

want with your order.

Simple yet ingenious.

So now think about your online business and whether you’re doing as good of a

job up selling as the 16-year old kid at McDonalds. Now I know it’s not your fault, most cart software has no clue about what an up sell is or how to perform one.

But we do…and we know this one change to your business can literally add 30% to 40% more revenue to your daily total. oooohhhh….I hear the grinding of resistance. You’re probably thinking that you don’t have anything to up sell. So let me give you a few simple examples and you’ll quickly see that everyone has something to up sell.

eBooks – Up sell the printed version. You can easily charge $20 to $30 for this up sell and then outsource the fulfillment to make it truly “hands” off.

Videos or Audios – Up sell the hard copy on CD / DVD. Again, you can outsource the fulfillment of these so you never touch a disk or an address label.

Personal Training – Sell your customers into a 1-hour personal training session for $60 to $100 an hour.

Package Deals – Up sell into a ‘bundle offer’ (we have a really cool trick for thins already built into the cart)

Membership Site – Up sell into a membership site (you get an unlimited amount of membership sites with us). Up sell your membership site into a ‘premier’ status level i.e. think Platinum Card…it works.

Affiliate Products – Up sell someone else’s products as an affiliate or with resell rights…and the list goes on.

So the bottom line is that you need to up sell in order to improve your bottom line.

A certified inbound marketing consultant can easily provide guidance on how to integrate this powerful strategy into your ecommerce sales funnel.

I can pretty much guarantee it and I guarantee you’re bottom line will see a healthy bump up.

If your shopping cart does not offer an up sell capacity…you need a new, better cart. In fact, you need more than a cart you need a complete marketing solution!

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