How to Promote Your Email Coaching Programs Online


Are you one of those people who are offering email coaching programs about interesting subjects? Then, I am sure that one of your goals is to increase the number of your sign ups, right? Well, there are numerous ways to do this but the best way to start is conceptualizing and later on, launching a very effective online promotional campaign. Here’s what I suggest:

First, create sales pages for your email coaching programs. When doing this, try to put yourself into the shoes of your potential clients. What kind of information do they want to know? Why would they want to sign up to your programs? What kind of benefits can they expect to get? What sets your programs apart from the rest? Provide the answers to these questions in a very persuasive manner. Keep in mind that your goal here is to give your prospects valid reason to do business with you.

Talk about your programs on your website and blog. If you have already established your own blog and website, and if you’re successful in generating enormous traffic, use these portals to create awareness. I suggest that you feature your programs on your home page the day you launch them. Then, create an FAQ and strive to provide answers to all the questions that your prospects might ask. Don’t forget to highlight your programs’ unique selling preposition to make them even more enticing to the eyes of your prospects.

Content marketing. There’s no better way to promote your email coaching programs than through content distribution. You see, the people that you’re targeting are in need of information that’s why they’re using the internet. So, give them great content. I suggest that you talk about their problems in detail to promote better understanding. Then, provide the best solution. You can also share with them your trade secrets, insider tips, and advanced techniques. The beauty in going this route is that you do not only impress your prospects but you also give them valid reason to do business with you.

Forum commenting. Your prospects would want to make sure that you’re really an expert before they even consider signing up to your program. So, show them what you’ve got. Join them on relevant forums where they usually talk. Then, express your opinions on their most common topics. Whenever possible, provide answers to questions, offer how-to guides, or solve pressing issues. Don’t forget to include your site’s or blog’s URL on your signature so your prospects can easily pay you a visit should they get interested on what you sell.

eBook publishing. If you’re going up against a lot of people, I would recommend that you consider giving out free ebooks. I can guarantee you that this is the best way to get people to pay attention. Your ebooks don’t have to be very long but you need to make sure that they speak volumes about your authority in your niche, your commitment in helping your customers, and your professionalism.

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