How to Produce a Good Squeeze Page


A good squeeze page attracts potential customers to provide their own email addresses in exchange for something of interest to them. It can be an ebook, video or audio clip. It does sound easy in theory. You just produce of find a good content digital product to give freely to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses. However, in reality it is not this simple.

There are 2 ways to produce a good squeeze page. One way is to outsource and the other is to write your own squeeze page. Whichever way you choose, you need to know the key ingredients for a high converting squeeze page.

The key ingredients:

1. The Offer

Your Offer should appear in your header. You can use powerful BIG BOLD TEXTS to describe your offer in one simple sentence which easily understood and attractive. You can also create a captivating image as your header with your offer. Good headers are crucial as most visitors will read the header and will quickly scan or skip the entire body message.

2. Email Opt in Field

The optimum number of fields is 2. The name and email address are the important fields to have. Some squeeze pages have only 1 field, the email address. It is really up to you but keep it maximum 2 fields. The more fields your potential customers have to fill, the less likely they will subscribe to your mailing list.

To improve visibility of your opt in form, you can place images (arrow image)on your squeeze page to point to the opt in form. It helps.

3. Squeeze Page Design

The simpler the design the better it is. You want your potential customers to focus on what value you can offer to them and not some attractive images here and there. Keep your design clean.

If you are giving a free eBook, put in some effort to create a professional looking eCover for your potential customers. If you are giving an audio or video clip, create a professional looking DVD/CD disc and cover on your page. It does not cost much and it will greatly improve your email subscriptions.

Some squeeze pages have videos or audios embedded into them. Keep the videos short and not more than 2 minutes. You have about 2 minutes to capture their interest. Any longer than 2 minutes, you risk losing their interest and having no subscribers.

Having the 3 crucial key ingredients in your squeeze page is important, but without traffic, it is just a page. Therefore, you have to work on generating traffic. However, this is another topic by itself.

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