How to Prequalify and Hire a Virtual Assistant


If you need a staff to help you with the enormous task of setting up or running a business either from your home or office but you can’t assume the responsibility of hiring an employee, then the answer to your problem is a virtual assistant. Hire a virtual assistant today and you can get all those tasks done without having to worry about paying for benefits like employee insurance, sick leave, retirement, or holiday pay. These assistants can help you immensely, like they were in the same office as you are, without causing too much dent on your monthly business expenses.

Being virtual assistants, they would work from their own office space or their homes, like in the case of freelancers. These service providers have certain qualifications and expertise levels. For example, if you would like to hire a secretary with bookkeeping capabilities then you have to find the right candidate for the job. Basically, the process is very similar to hiring an individual employee. Only in this case, you don’t get to see her live in the flesh.

You get to transact and carry out instructions to your virtual assistant only through the phone or over the internet. This setup makes them a whole lot cheaper for you because you don’t have to increase your overhead costs as you maintain your office. There will be no added electricity bills for several hours’ use of the computer, for starters.

When you hire a virtual assistant, be sure that you ask for her resume. You can post a help wanted ad over the internet and expect to be flooded with applications. If you intend to do it this way, you should be very particular about the qualifications of the assistant that you’re looking for. List all the tasks that you need him or her to do so that she can attest that she can perform the job that you will assign to him well.

If you think that you have found the right person, contact her for an interview. Find out where she has worked before and how extensive her experience was in the particular job that you want her to do. If you need her to serve as your telemarketer or product promoter, then she has to show you her credentials or portfolio, whichever is applicable.

On the other hand, there’s a better way to hire a virtual assistant. And that is through an agency or a company providing for such a service. They offer a full range of providers who can do anything from simple secretarial jobs to the more complex programming tasks, if needed be. Just be particular about the tasks that you want your virtual assistant to do exclusively for you. If you hire an employee from a company, you can get the ideal candidate much faster and so much easier. Usually, you only have to fill out a form and tell the company what type of an assistant you’re looking for and what proficiencies you are particular with. You can also contact them directly. They would then provide you with the best person for the job so you can get started right away. Your virtual employees would work on the specific time that you designated and they usually charge by the hour.

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