How to Overcome Google Local Search Engine


Many small local businesses are moving towards online advertising these days. Thanks to Google local search results, it’s now possible to set up a search optimization campaign for a fraction of the price when compared to a global campaign. Google has made it possible on Google’s business search results pages that advertisers and businesses can target internet users by geographical location.

It took time before businesses and service providers realized the value of Local Search Optimization, and started to use this tool to promote their businesses and get their listings included in local search results. Google has finally realized what their advertisers really want and need, but this can be very complex for the average local business owner. Getting relevant pages back from a search can be a result of geo-targeting and it is something every business should keep an eye on. The good news is that it has just become easier.

Many business owners are still sitting on the fence about Google local search, as they do not quite understand how it can improve their results and even their profits. They cannot believe that it can be really that simple to get included in Google local business searches and have no idea where to start. Here are some step by step instructions on how to overcome procrastination and get listed on Google local search as soon as possible.

Google automatically collects information on businesses and includes them in their results page. However if they would like to take advantage of local search engine optimization, businesses will have to claim their listing immediately. Businesses have to verify their contact information. After that, a revision of the listing can be requested and Google will edit this to allow search engine optimization to take place.

Google is going to rank each listing that is similar to each other or provide the same services by feedback, reviews and popularity. It is a great idea to ask existing customers either via email or in store to review each listing and leave a comment or rating. This is going to improve your Google local search results ranking for your business.

How to Edit Listings on Google Places for Local Search Engine Optimization

Pick the right category. Businesses have to make sure that they are checking out the category Google picked for them, and choose the one that is the most relevant.

Make sure your address is correct. There is nothing more annoying for customers than not being able to find the physical shop they are looking for. It is not good for Google and not good for the advertiser, either. There is also an option to include a map link, and it is advisable to use it every time.

Web addresses should be checked and included. Not every listing comes with a URL address, but it is essential for search engine optimization to have the website linked to Google.

Photos, references, past work samples can really make a difference. This process for Google Places is giving local business listings an unfair advantage and exposure.

Google local search is a great way for businesses to gain extra exposure and target the right geographic group. However in some cases, local search engine optimization takes some time to test and tweak before it brings in the best results.

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