How to Maximize Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing can help businesses to keep in touch with prospective customers.

Here are some tips that will help you to maximize your email marketing methods.

Split test the opt-in forms

Split testing is considered to be a very powerful weapon in the internet marketing professional’s arsenal. You can execute tests on several variables on your site as well as in your marketing campaign for determining the combinations that would generate the greatest email subscriptions. For instance, if you’re undecided about where to place the opt-in form, or what color to use for the “Sign Up” button, a split test would reveal the statistically significant winner.

Split test the broadcast message

Broadcast message could also be useful options to split test. These are messages that you dispatch spontaneously, unlike a scheduled follow-up mail that’s sent at a fixed time. Broadcast messages mostly give timely information. These include sales promotion, product launches etc. it is hence important to make broadcast messages as effective as possible. You can consider split testing the messages, including the subject line.

Survey your customers

One of the biggest advantages of having email addresses of your customers is the potential of market research. For instance, if you’re undecided on whether to stock brand A or brand B, there’s no need to go by your instincts. Conduct a survey and send email to your customers asking which brand they would prefer. You can also gather the demographic data from these surveys.

Help now, sell later

Most online marketers approach the email marketing method as another opportunity to forge their sales pitch. However, that’s a very shortsighted view. You can use your emails for providing helpful information for strengthening your customer relations. Customers mostly rely upon the internet marketer as an industry expert. Hence, you are most likely to witness a corresponding increase in your sales volumes.

Segment your lists

What do you think would be more effective for your email marketing venture? A common sales pitch that goes to promote the same product or service regardless of the purchase history of the customer? Or a promotion for offers that relate to what the customer has recently bought? The better you tailor the email marketing messages for specific customers. The more targeted your customers, the more effective would be your promotions. The key lies in segmenting your email lists. If this can be done effectively, success in likely to come.

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