How to Market Your Business Online Part 2: Email Marketing


If a website is the engine for online marketing, then email is the wheels that get your marketing where you want it to go (when combined with social media, that is).

The importance of having a good email marketing strategy can’t be over-emphasized. Even in this day of social media marketing, email is still king. More people check their emails, in every demographic, than tweet (not that you should ignore Twitter).

Rule #1: If you have a website, then you’ll want to begin capturing leads from it. Otherwise, you are ignoring a valuable resource.

How is this done? By offering a white paper, an article, or another item of interest to visitors, in return for their email address.

Here’s several examples: Marketing Sherpa, ClickZ, and MarketingProfs are sites that provide outstanding content- in return for your email address. And plenty of people are glad to give them their email address, based on the statistics they share (who wouldn’t, to get a good marketing research report on trends in their industry?)

Rule #2: Once you have those leads, contact them. Thank them for signing up for your newsletter, your marketing report, your article, or your blog updates. Let your new subscriber know that you want to continue to provide them with quality information that they can use, whether it’s 10 ideas on how to use your widget in new ways; or information that people who use your service are seeking.

Rule #3: Make your emails interesting and informative, with great subject lines. I write emails for some respected companies, and what always gets more opens, clicks, and completing actions from emails are a great headline followed by content that delivers on the promise in the headline.

Nobody is going to open an email that says, “Sign up for our Webinar.” What does get them interested is:”How to Get Referrals that Lead to a Job,” for job seekers; or even better, “3 Job Hunting Strategies You Might Not Have Tried Yet – That Work.” The goal is to understand your target audience, and to address their pains directly in the headline and intro paragraph.

Rule #4: Don’t Tire Out Your List. If one email is good, five isn’t better. Don’t email every day. Instead, try once a week, or every two weeks, unless people indicate they want to hear more often. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is tiring out their lists by emailing day after day, week after week. All this does is annoy customers, and it doesn’t help your brand at all.

There’s a lot more that could be said about email marketing, but this is a starting point. The main thing: “Just do it!”

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