How To Manage Your Email Marketing Campaign


So, you’ve built up a list of subscribers. You’ve written a series of emails to send to them via autoresponder, scattered with product recommendations and subtle sales messages. Not too many, though. And now you’re ready to launch your campaign, right?

You must be wondering how often you should send these messages to your subscribers.

Most good marketers prefer to set emails for every day, and then reduce it to every 2 or 3 days and then eventually once a week. This is done to spread the amount of time during which the subscribers are receiving your emails. A tip here is that usually the customers are the most active at the time they sign up, and this is the time when they are most responsive too. So, you should make it a point of sending emails to them the most frequently in the beginning.

If people have started to unsubscribe from your list, don’t worry. Seriously, this is not a reason to be worried. It only tells you that those people did not seem to relate to the content that you were sending them in the emails. Looking at the brighter side, you can be sure that the subscribers who remain are actually interested in the content and services that you have got to offer. However, if it is the case that around 75% of your subscribers have left, you might want to check whether you are doing it right or if there are any areas that need to be worked on or polished up.

It is always more tempting to look for ways of making money rather than to give away free stuff. But, you would have to do it wisely to make your subscribers believe that you have something valuable to offer, so that they might willingly take the initiative and be ready to pay.

The content you upload is all important. It determines whether your subscribers stay or go, and in turn whether they buy or not. Content can either be done by yourself, or you can seek help from websites where you can find free related articles that are ready to be loaded onto your autoresponder. This should always be done by respecting the author’s terms before the article is published.

If you don’t want to ‘bang on’ about the same product or service in each message, you might consider recommending other people’s products or services. There are various affiliate programs that can be added to your messages in order to make money. Take a look at ClickBank, which is known as being the largest affiliate network, and type in a keyword relating to your own product or service. You will instantly find other products of a similar nature that are ready to be promoted. By the way, you get a cut on all sales through your link.

Apart from scheduled emails, you can also send an email to your entire list at any time by using a broadcasting feature. These are very helpful in the promotion of new products or to make announcements that your subscribers would be interested in. If you have made a large list, it becomes easy to make a lot of money from spending just a few minutes composing a broadcast email to send.

Finally, before you begin promoting your opt-in pages you should always make sure that you have signed up for your own list. Even though it sounds like an obvious thing to do, many people fail to do so. Not only will you find out if the sequence works correctly or not, but also you gain the advantage of observing the whole process from the point of view of a subscriber.

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