How To Make Your Google Home Page and What It Can Offer You


The internet has grown fast and furious for several years now, and it’s hard to believe that it’s now been a decade since the dot com busts of 2000 or so… There were many companies that had no clue as to what they were doing, but just decided to jump on the bandwagon and do what everyone else had been trying to drive new business. Even though there were many failures at that time, there were also some very successful companies that came out of that time, including one incredible company called Google. No one can dispute their dominance on the scene today as far as having the best search engine available online and the most effective marketing traffic around.

In fact, their Google Homepage is crucial to your having the best possible information at your fingertips, and it’s highly recommended that you make this your homepage for starting your searches. I’ve used other pages and search engines in the past, but I can tell you from experience that there is nothing better than starting up your computer and opening a fresh browser window to your Google Homepage. Time is too short to be messing around with other search engines, it’s a good idea just to start getting used to working with the best and the way to do that is by setting your computer preference to having Google be the default website when you open up a new browser.

It’s actually very easy to establish the Google Homepage as your default homepage. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser simply bring up a new window and navigate to the very top of the page and click on “Tools”, then “Internet Options”. The “General” tab should now be showing, and you would just type in the Google dot com website into the box and click on “OK” at the bottom. Then you can close that window and open a new one and your new Google homepage should come right up! If you are using the Firefox browser, it’s very similar except that you navigate to “Tools”, then “Options”.

Google has so many tools and options available to the average user, including Google Images, Gmail, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Videos, and Google Maps. There are really so many things that you have access to that they can’t all be named here. But in reality, everything that the average person uses the internet for is readily at your fingertips on this page! Google email, or Gmail, is one of the best emails available today because unlike other companies they do not block much at all from getting to your inbox. Many times I have a problem with Comcast with emails getting sent either in or out that get lost and are never seen! But with Google we don’t have that problem, and that’s why I always recommend people to get a free Gmail account from their Google Homepage. Just look under the many options listed at the top of the page, and you’ll soon find the link to sign up for this.

One thing I always recommend for newbies is to establish your main account first, the one that you will be keeping for a long time and then to place all of your other main Google accounts under that email address. This is how Google keeps track of you, by your Gmail address, and if you are interested in signing up for Google AdSense or Google AdWords later, then they will all be associated with your main account and you won’t have to be logging in and out of several accounts… That’s the main drawback with using Google, is that they make you log out of one account before logging into another on the same computer. But if everything you need is all in one account, then you are all set!

Google AdSense and Google AdWords are fantastic tools if you are interested in marketing goods, products, or information on the internet and you’ll learn a lot from their back office inside your account. AdWords is a pay per click tool that allows you to invest marketing funds to have an ad that you create shown to others who are doing Google searches for various search terms. This is a very effective method of generating traffic to your website, but it can also be very expensive so it’s good to have a little experience and know what you’re doing first. Google AdSense is on the other side of the coin, where you are allowing other marketers who are investing in Google AdWords to place their ads onto your website. If someone who visits your website actually clicks on those ads, then Google will pay you a certain percentage of that money as a commission into your Google account. These are great tools to get used to!

If you’re looking for pictures about a certain search term or subject, just type that into the search box and include the word “images”, and you’ll soon see a great selection of various pictures that you are probably looking for. A good number of these are public domain pictures that you can use for your own uses as you need to. Feel free to use Google Maps if you are looking for directions from one place to another, and if you know the exact address it will give you pretty specific directions.

One of the newest and most complex Google applications is the Google Earth, which is actually pretty cool! It will show you satellite views of various parts of the earth, including your house! Just type in the address and it will zero in with as much of a close-up as possible… Other uses had people studying the bottom of the oceans and seas to view the topography and undersea mountains! Or looking at hard to get to canyons or parts of the dense jungle, where they have discovered ancient temples and pyramids buried beneath the foliage and soil. That is also a great tool!

There are so many great and fun applications with your new Google Homepage that you won’t regret getting it! If you have any questions at all, Google is very good with explanations in their various sections, and most people have already probably had that same question before so it’s a very easy matter to find the answer. If you don’t have the Google Homepage set up on your computer yet, give it a try! Most likely you already use their search engine almost exclusively anyway… Have fun!

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