How To Make Your Email Marketing 10X Stronger By Telling Stories


The most important skill you can have as an email marketer is the ability to tell stories.

After all, stories have been used to sell things by the best sales people throughout history.

And when it comes to email marketing, telling stories that sell is one of the most effective techniques you can use in your whole email marketing strategy..

So, having said all that, what kind of stories do you need to tell in your emails?

Good question.

But the answer is actually very simple.

Ready for it?

Here goes:

First of all, your story needs to resonate with your market. Sounds obvious. But you’d be amazed at how many people don’t get this.

For example, if you’re selling a “How to lose weight” guide for overweight people, telling stories of someone who’s already in great shape probably isn’t a good idea. Just because an overweight person wouldn’t be able to resonate with the story.

Instead, you’d need to be telling stories of how an overweight person managed to turn their whole life around by losing weight and getting fit and healthy.

You’d need to start off the story by explaining how they felt when they were overweight. Then, once the people on your email list have resonated with the story, you can then say how that same person managed to turn their life around. Finally, you should end with saying how much better they feel now they’ve lost weight and are healthier etc.

You just need to adapt this same principle into your own email marketing, so it applies to your own market and email list.

Remember, start off telling stories which “meet” the people on your email list where they currently are (in terms of how they are feeling), and then transition into talking about how the person in your story is much better off after using your product/service.

As for who to write your story about, telling a story about either yourself, or someone else who has used your product or service, is always a good idea.

This email marketing strategy will make the people on your email list far more likely to buy from you.

So always remember, your story should resonate with your email list.

Okay, that’s numero uno.

Second, you’ve got to make sure you’re telling stories that are entertaining for your email list to read.

If you do this, your email marketing really should become 10 times stronger (and more profitable). Why? Because every single person on your email list wants to be entertained.

It doesn’t matter who they are or what they do for a living. They could be a lawyer or a university student, it doesn’t matter. Everyone would rather read something entertaining as opposed to something boring.

Though by entertaining, please don’t think I mean it has to be funny. Oh no. It just has to keep people engaged.

So you need to know your market in order to know what sort of things will entertain them.

Anyway, if you follow the email marketing advice you’ve read here, then your email marketing should become a lot more successful.

Seriously, telling stories is just such an incredibly powerful email marketing strategy.

And if you can write stories which resonate with your email list, whilst entertaining them, then the sales should come flying in.

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