How to Make the First Million Dollars Using Google


Google, when that word is said it is known by everyone. Simply put it has changed the way we live, and our daily lives forever. It’s known all over the world in nearly every language that is spoken, it provides information to literally billions of people around the world. It has revolutionized the way we advertise, the way we search for information, the way information is share, how we find people we are looking for, and so much more. With it changing the world on a massive scale, have you ever wondered how it could not only change but benefit your life as well? In fact have you ever thought about how Google could benefit your life? The possibilities are out there to get in on the action that is Google. Maybe it could provide an income, or possibly act as a tool to provide for you and your loved ones. With how many things Google has done for the world, think about how many possibilities there are for Google to do something for you.

If you have ever sat back and thought about these questions before, then the answer is right in front of you Google can be a tool that you can utilize to make income for yourself. The simplest way to make money through Google is to use the tool known as Google AdSense. What is Google AdSense you may be asking; well Google AdSense is a marketing affiliate program that allows you to place specific Google-generated advertisements onto a website of your own. This is a completely free thing to use and the advertisements to choose from are vast and spread out over all types of different businesses, topics, agencies, etc. There is a drawback to this though; you must have your own website. This means you have to pay for your domain, hosting, and design for your website. The price for this however can be very minimal, especially if you shop around for different companies online to help design your website. Making and finding an affordable place to make your website online isn’t the hard part for most people though, the hardest part is attracting people to their newly made website. Because it is one thing to have a website up and running but if no one is going to your website then there will be no clicks on the advertisements. No clicks means no income for the advertisements shown on your website. This part is something that you really need to spend time on and my suggestion is to not make some generic website. Create something that is unique to yourself and let it be something that you are passionate about. The more personal it is the better I find, because as it becomes more personal and something you are interested in, the more genuine it is. Not only this, but you will also have enough knowledge about it to make it unique and creative, which is really what attracts people.

Google also offers advertisements for your site(s) if you are having trouble attracting people to it. It has a start-up fee of $5 dollars and prices vary after that. The most important thing is to do something that you are passionate about and something you can relate to. Your emotions speak through your words, and it is up to you to express them. If you are genuine then you are on your way to making a fulfilling income, and perhaps on your way to making that first million with Google.

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