How to Make Recurring Money Online With Resell Hosted Email


Ah! Making money online, it is a red-hot topic. From getting paid to fill out surveys, to promoting CPA (cost per action) type affiliate offers, and selling your own products (like eBooks and how-to video tutorials) to offering copywriting or graphic design services, and continuing with holding seminars, workshops and even running blog networks and membership sites, “making money online” is an evergreen massive niche.

If you do not believe me, just talk with some of your “techie” friends or online contacts. And they will tell you they are involved in a way or another in a money-making “scheme”. Whether it is MLM, network marketing or affiliate programs, people are interested to find a lucrative, extra money-making opportunity, particularly in today’s shaky, unstable Economy.

MLM and network marketing programs are considered higher risk than affiliate programs because first of all, most affiliate programs do not require you pay upfront fees before you can start making money with such. Secondly, with MLM and network marketing program, you get training that somehow requires or suggests you contact your friends and family members. And we both know it is not OK to get out there and sell things to those close to you, right?

With affiliate programs you can work from anywhere in the world, but the most exciting part though is that you have a much wider audience with the Internet; you can promote that particular affiliate product anywhere in the world, unless the program restricts you in a way or another. You can drive traffic (as without human visitors checking out your link/site, nobody will buy or sign-up, correct?) using free or paid methods. Sky’s the limit with associate programs, so the question is how what do you need to start with, right?

First of all, there a few things you need to understand before we move forward.

There are three main types of affiliate/associate programs: those who pay per click like Google AdSense for example; programs that pay per sale like ClickBank, and those who pay per action which are called CPA or PPA offers.

Each has their advantages. For beginners, the easiest way to make money is with AdSense or its alternatives like Chitika. Why is it easy? Because you do not have to get your visitors/referrals do buy things for you, or to sign-up for free/paid offers.

Pro bloggers and super affiliates have no preference over these methods. There are people who make big money with the first, the second and the third. However, not all of them make big money with all three options, meaning you have to focus on just one or two choices and have a blog, site or page that is focused on a single topic or product/offering. The more options you have on the page, the less money you will make on average.

The best type of affiliate programs are those that pay in residual income like AWeber if you promote email autoresponders, or MailQuatro if you want to promote email hosting. Recurring/residual income is amazing, as you get paid each and every month for as long as the customer you bring in stays with that company you referred her to.

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