How to Make Money Online Running an Estore


With people having less time to go out and shop, most of them are opting to buy from Estores such as eBay and Amazon. So, if you have always wondered how to make money online from home; the answer is by running an Estore. All you need to do to make online money at home is to develop an online Estore.

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1. In case you don’t have a website to start an Estore, you will have to register a suitable domain name for it. Get a domain name, which suits your products, the most!

2. The first and important step is to create your online Estore and launch it online. provides two ways to build an Estore. You can either sign up for the hosted service and start your store or buy Shop-Script, software that has to be installed. Yahoo offers web hosting with unlimited data transfer and disk space.

3. Choose a suitable design of your website for the Estore, with good page layout, clear product images, titles, and descriptions and simple navigation. Individuals, who are using the services of, will get 19 design templates to select from. They can be modified according to your requirements. Yahoo also provides a range of design templates to choose from and customize.

4. Next you need to add products to you Estore, which in case of Shop-Script products, they can be uploaded either in bulk through Excel file or via a web browser one by one. In case of Yahoo, you can feed almost 50,000 products on the Estore, simply with the help of a wizard or a spreadsheet. Pay special attention to product images and descriptions because if well designed, they will significantly help you to increase sales boosting your dream of make money online from home.

5. Add suitable shipping and payment options for your customers. You can use any carrier you like such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Payment gateways including PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Google Checkout can be used for processing the payments.

6. This is all you need to start your Estore. Now you can operate it to help make money online from home! You will need to main ten and optimize your Estore on a regular basis.


You can keep your own schedule and take care of your Estore according to your convenience and make money online home.


Make online money at home by running an Estore requires hard work and you may not get bulk orders initially. It takes time and effort to get the Estore indexed by search engines. You may face some problems in managing customers and shipping products.

In order to make online money at home by running an Estore, conduct a market research to find out the products that sell more in Estores and try to include them in your store online. It will also help you get more customers when you spend more time on advertising your Estore. You will have better income wit better sales.

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