How To Make $100000 With Email Marketing


Creating a targeted email marketing list can bring results when done correctly.

You must know that the list contains money. Creating a targeted email marketing list is one of the most excellent things you should do in order to score huge paydays and gain a long term success online.

A large email marketing list with a huge number of active subscribers may give you high paydays. Here is an instance: Let us say that you have built an email list of approximately 1,000 subscribers. Once you have sent some quality emails and have built a relationship with the subscribers on your list, you can recommend any product of your wish to your email list. This can be either an affiliated product or a product of your creation. A certain number of the subscribers on your list will buy a product that you recommend. Let’s have a quick look at one of its examples. Suppose that you are marketing an affiliate product or service from any company and you get 75% commission on each product’s sale. You earn $37 for every sale of a product. Out of the total 1,000 subscribers, your conversion rate is approximately about 5%. It clearly means that 50 of your subscribers will purchase a product on your recommendation and it results in a total of $1,850. Now guess what your total income would be about if you knew precisely what your email list was starving for and you built up a conversion rate of about 20%. That makes a total of $7,400. What would have been the amount if you had 3,000 subscribers? What about 10,000 subscribers?

Now as you can clearly observe, creating a targeted email marketing list can bring few bucks when done correct. So what must you do in order to build up a list and have big paydays? You don’t need to do much. All you require is a website, automatic responder along with some free giveaway and more specifically you need a targeted traffic. Place a clutch page on your website and load an auto responder with 30+ email messages, and attract targeted traffic. Through your emails, provide them useful content and also offer free gifts that your subscribers tend to register immediately. An easiest way to know what your subscribers like to buy is by directly asking them. Ask those questions such as what their desires are and for them what the biggest challenges are. After you receive enough feedbacks, build a product of their desires and start promoting it on your email list. It is actually that easy. Many individuals get trapped in their trials to over complicate this entire process.

The one important thing that you need to concentrate on while creating your email list is building a bond with the subscribers on your list. This is basically the main difference between so-so results and big paydays. Also you need to be patient as it won’t happen over a fortnight. You just concentrate on building strong relationships with the subscribers to your list and you will be definitely followed by many.

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