How To Kill Your Email Marketing List Fast


In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can kill your email list fast.

Let’s first start off as to why people join a list in the first place. Usually they join your list because something caught their attention relating to their problems, their needs or their pains.

I mean, if they want to learn Internet marketing, they join your list because they need help understand and implementing Internet marketing strategies and techniques. Or they have problems with a particular part of Internet marketing and you said you could help them.

Does this make sense? Do you understand where your customers are coming from?

So the easiest and fastest way to kill your list is to constantly promote self-serving products or services to make a quick buck and completely forget about giving your list the content they are looking for.

Here’s what typically happens…

Someone joins your list and the first 10 days you devote to building trust and building a relationship with this subscriber. So far so good. But after a little bit of time, you want to start making a profit. You want to start making some money… and honestly, that’s okay.

But here’s what happens next…

After the first 10 days, the subscriber gets nothing but a slew of sales letters and product promotions for an extended period of time. You have a hard time getting back to giving out content because you know that it’s important to have a thread of emails to get people to buy a product. People rarely just buy the first time an email comes out. Sometimes it’s usually the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th email that gets them to buy.

But that also means you have to send out 4 or 5 emails in a row promoting the product to make this strategy effective, and you’re leaving the content out of your emails. This is a problem.

Look at it from your subscribers point of view. The first 10 days were awesome! There was lots of content, they learned a bunch and they got confidence that you were helping solve their problems. Now there’s nothing but sales pitches. ‘What happened to the content?’, they wonder.

Guess what happens next…

Your subscriber feels like they’re just an ATM for you. They feel like you’re not there to help them anymore. They unsubscribe from your list and you never see them again.

Here’s a thought…

Why not create an email campaign the merges the two together? Why not have an email campaign that gives both content and a product offering in the same email? What’s the harm in that?

Think about it. You can give them great content in every email and then promote a product that’s related to what they just learned about. Here’s what really happens in emails like these. Because you gave great content in the email, the product promotion is not seen as pushy and it’s more of a recommendation than a hard sales pitch. Your subscribers will actually respect the fact that you give them a recommendation (or a choice) instead of a ‘sales only’ email.

Trust me, this works! Focus on merging the two worlds together and you’ll keep your list from unsubscribing from you.

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