How to Keep Email Marketing Interesting


Email marketing is a very powerful method of convincing old clients to come back again and finding new clients as well. There are a few things you should take into consideration, though, it you want to keep it interesting.

The very first step in running an effective marketing campaign is getting to know your target. There is no sense in sending a brochure with promotions on construction materials to a client that has a history of buying only IT equipment, for example, as he will simply ignore the email.

Once you know what your customers want, it’s easy to approach them in an interesting way. Forget the formalities and sweet talks such as “dear customer” or other generic addressing methods; use the client’s name instead to give every email a more personal touch. This will look friendlier to the client and will also give him the feeling that the email was written especially for him and not as part of a marketing campaign.

Another effective way to surprise your clients is to periodically send them completely personalized emails. You can do this by looking over each client’s purchase history and setting up a custom promotion for every one of them. This will demonstrate them that you’re not only interested in making a sale but you actually care about them and do everything you can to improve your services and offers.

You should also consider sending an informative email every once in a while, without any direct reference to your products or promotions. Go with something informative, relevant to your field of work, such as an interview with a renowned field expert, an interesting case study or anything else you can think of.

One great way of keeping the interest of your clients alive is to set up contests. It’s a known fact that people love competitions, even when the material value of the prizes is not that great, so use this to your advantage. Create quizzes and polls, everything that might convince your clients to enter the race. You might also consider offering a substantial prize from time to time to motivate them even more. Even in an absence of a big prize your clients will still join the game, for the sake of your competition, and you’ll still win.

These are the most simple and effective ways of making email marketing more interesting and it’s only up to you to determine how far you will go to keep your clients happy.

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