How to Integrate Social Media Marketing Services and Your Website


Often, marketers view social media as yet another online channel (albeit new and exciting), similar to other channels such as natural and paid search, email, and affiliates. It is becoming clearer, however, that not all social media initiatives drive prospects and customers to the business’ main website in the same way.

Socializers- individuals who seek meaningful interactions with peers and like-minded people-interact differently with different new media offerings and services. To better understand this phenomenon, let’s look at Twitter and Facebook from the perspective of visitor acquisition (and reacquisition).

When it comes to lead generation help and attracting people to your website, Twitter behaves similarly to search advertising. Twitter users proactively select the topics, people, and companies they wish to follow. When they receive updates that are relevant and interesting to them, and if those updates contain links, those users are likely to interrupt their engagement with Twitter, click on the link, and visit the destination website.

Search advertising works in a similar way, individuals voluntarily identify their needs and wants, and advertisers, in turn, attempt to pull them to their websites by serving relevant ads.

Facebook users, however, exhibit more heterogeneous behavior. While some users immediately respond to targeted ads or to inviting links and click their way out of Facebook onto marketers’ websites, other Facebook users are not in a hurry to interrupt their social activity. In many ways, Facebook behaves as a semi-closed environment, in which individuals engage friends and brands on pages and applications without necessarily extending this engagement outside of Facebook in the short term. Users may eventually arrive at advertisers’ websites-often via different channels-but not before they have had meaningful interactions with the brands on Facebook.

Marketers, therefore, must view Facebook both as an acquisition channel-and track click-through rates to the main website-but also as a place to nurture and cultivate prospects and customers until they become ready to transact on the main website.

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