How to Increase The Popularity of Your Website Organically


We have to understand what makes a website popular and how can we increase its value in terms of popularity.

First of all we have to make the website healthy, and this requires a good amount of flesh, which is in this case information rich content, relevant to the niche you are promoting through websites. Ensure good content based on keywords that has not too many competitors, i.e. not many websites are catering to that particular niche or keyword or keyphrase, usually long tail ones.

Keep your website fresh with more information, this will help Google to maintain your status in the search engine result page, by helping your website to remain in the top slots of the first page. You got to increase the popularity of the web page by having as many back links from highly popular websites, or web hubs.

Some of these web hubs are the popular forums dealing with a niche, say playing the piano and not something broad such as music. Here you are suppose to contribute your ideas and acumen on the subject that the discussion thread is dealing with.

You have to provide your website link in your signature, so that interested customers can follow the link and enter your website for a peek.

Another way to increase back links is to submit your website to website directories. These directories help to link with other websites of similar categories, say on Food – Chinese Food – so on so forth.

Another way is to put ads in popular classified ad sites such as the craigslist. This way you can have few more links pointing towards your website.

The other methods are of course contributing as many original articles to highly popular and reputed article directories such as

That’s how the more back links you have pointing at your website from other quality websites, the better would be the standing of your website with Google. So have more articles in as many article directories that will have links point to your website.

The other way to increase back links is to maintain different blogs, that are keyword relevant and content rich too, that are periodically updated with fresh content regularly.

So that is how you increase the popularity of your website organically.

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