How To Improve Your Email Click Through Rates


In this article I am going to explain what you can do to improve your email click through rates. If people don’t click through to your sales page then you are not going to make any profits. Therefore it is really important that you learn how to do this.

First of all let me define what your email click through rate actually means. When you write an email in your Autoresponder account and you create a link that people can click on and it sends them to a website page this is known as a click through. Therefore if you have a high click through rate it means that a lot of your subscribers are clicking on that link and visiting your web page.

If this web page is a sales page then of course you will want as much exposure to that as you can and so it’s important to optimise your click through rates.

Anchor text
One of the things you need to look at is the anchor text that you use. These are the words that your subscriber will click on that will then take them to your web page.

The anchor text that you use needs to provide a good enough reason as to why someone should click on it. Therefore it needs to be compelling and it needs to explain what someone might achieve if they clicked on it.

Email body
The anchor text will be somewhere in your email body and where you position it could have an effect on whether people click on it or not. For example, if your link is right at the end of your email and you have written a very long one then you may find that many people do not read all the way through and therefore never even get visibility of the link to click on.

Therefore it is important to make sure that the email body itself is going to engage your subscriber so that they read it and click on your link.

Some people solve this problem by putting the link towards the top of the email as well as towards the end. This is something that you should test in your own email campaign.

Spilt Testing
An easy way to test any changes that you make is to use the split testing feature in your Autoresponder account. This allows you to create two versions of your email and then send version A to some of your subscribers and version B to the rest of your subscribers. You can then look at the statistics to find out which email converts bests.

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