How To Improve Email Marketing Campaigns


When it comes to email marketing, there are a few areas which you should educate yourself in first before diving in head first. Like most of us, we all want to get things going as quickly as possible, and we all know internet marketers love to act before they think sometimes. This can often be the difference between success and failure with email marketing campaigns. For example, say you wanted to send out a broadcast message to your list, and you went ahead and did that, but didn’t really get a great response from that broadcast. You’re left thinking, well hand on a minute, I have this big list, and I’m not making any conversions, and my numbers suck. What’s going on?

To put it plainly, you need to do some analysing, and some research. There are so many aspects of email marketing that when all done correctly, you can skyrocket your conversions and seriously increase your rates. It doesn’t take too long to grasp the necessities of email marketing, and it’s well worth the trouble. So let’s say you aren’t getting many opens from your list, you have a list of 2000 subscribers, and you’re not getting any opens from your follow ups and broadcasts. Here’s what you should analyse:

  • Your subject line for emails and broadcasts – This is so important it’s unreal! Having a stand out catchy title is critical in email marketing, without anyone being drawn to your email, how do you expect anyone to open it? Your open rates will seriously increase when you learn what makes a good subject line for your emails. You may ask, “Jack, how do we write engaging subject lines?”, good question. One way of learning anything in the world is by looking at the pro’s in that area, and modelling what they do for yourself.

So in our case, you’d sign up to all the guru’s and pro marketers lists in the IM niche, and assign all the emails from those marketers into one area of your email inbox. Then take a look at all their email subject lines they send you. You can then start to see what makes a good subject line. Don’t simply copy what they have put, model it into your own subject line. Now, you should start to see what makes a good email subject line, and this will seriously show you how to improve email marketing campaigns.

  • Over-delivering Valuable Content – Ok, so you really have to over-deliver when it comes to your list. Give away the golden nuggets to them, and then you can sell them the additional assists later on. The golden nuggets will overwhelm them so much with rich content, they will be in awe of your presence. If you simply offer them no value, or very little value, you won’t get much of a response from your list. See yourself as a giver, not a taker, and only set out to help people, this will accomplish the giver goal for you.

If you’ve given your list some awesome content, they will always open your emails, and click through on your links. This will result in a huge boost in conversions, sales, and clients, which is exactly what we want right? Everyone goes home happy, your list, and you. If you concentrate on trying to make your list happy, believe me, you will be happy too.

These two tips alone can dramatically increase your conversions, and improve your email marketing campaigns tenfold. As long as you implement this stuff and take action upon it, you will see a change in your email marketing.

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