How to Hire the Right Newsletter Designer


In today’s “too much email!!” world, the way your email looks matters more than ever. And yet, many businesses still think the only thing that matters is the content. Don’t make that mistake! Ultimately, readers decide whether to read your email or delete it unread based on their initial impression of your design.

Make that design count by getting the support of a professional. Here’s what to look for when hiring a designer for your email marketing.

  1. A heterogeneous portfolio. The work of some designers always looks the same. That’s not what you want! See, your audience, goals, and needs are all unique, and if the designer is trying to fit your email into a cookie cutter style… it’s not going to end well. That’s why you want to see plenty of variety in that portfolio–so you know the designer will prioritize the unique elements of your project over their “personal style.”
  2. A variety of industries. Along with a variety of styles, you also want to see a variety of industries represented. It may be easier to hire the email marketing designer who specializes in your industry, but since readers delete emails that look “generic” or “boring” this is really the worst thing you can do. Rather, you want a designer who has experience in many different industries so that you can rest assured their design for you won’t look like the emails everyone else in your industry sends.
  3. High prices. This is one area where price absolutely correlates to experience and ability. Expect to spend between $2500-5000 on your email marketing template. Lower prices are a sign that corners are being cut–a great template takes about 6 weeks to design and code and a professional simply can’t invest that kind of time in your project without charging accordingly. Remember, though, that email marketing has an average $45/dollar spent ROI and your email template can be used again and again–in other words, this is an investment that will definitely increase your bottom line.
  4. Responsiveness. Expect to hear back from the designers you contact within about 2 business days. Any longer and that can be a red flag. But don’t expect to hear back immediately. Most designers prioritize current clients (as they should) over prospects.
  5. Email marketing knowledge. You don’t want to hire someone who’s just a “good designer.” Email marketing design has very specific idiosyncrasies and it’s crucial that you find a designer who understands that and knows how to get you great results. Look for articles by the designer that show they understand the hows and whys of what they do, review their testimonials with an eye towards results, and ask questions about their background and understanding of email marketing.

When you take the time to hire a professional email marketing designer, whether you’re publishing an ezine or solo ads, you’ll get much better results than you would otherwise. This investment pays for itself very quickly in both the increased profits you’ll make and in the time you’ll save.

It’s smart to take the time to find the right professional for your email marketing campaigns.

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