How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers


Getting email subscribers can be done in a number of ways but the recommended method is the implementation of a high-quality content strategy. When people read content that is high quality they will believe that you have expertise in your niche and they will trust you. This will make them a lot more willing to become an email subscriber.

You can use different formats for your content so it can be in text form, a podcast (audio) or a video. It is actually best to mix this up as much as you can. Be sure that all of your content is top quality because poor quality content will not be looked at by your visitors and they will never become email subscribers.

How Do You Define High-Quality Content?

This is relatively easy to do. It has to add value to the reader and this is the first important point. Once they have read your content or watched your video they should have learned something or know how to do something that they couldn’t do before.

Always keep your content relevant to the niche that you are operating in. If you are in the make money online niche then create content that helps people to make money on the Internet. People will certainly opt in to your list if you do this.

You need to create a content plan. Determine how often per week you will publish new content and also come up with a list of titles for content that you really believe will add value. A plan always works better than just making it up as you go along. With a plan, you will never be stuck for ideas because you have already decided what your content will be about.

Your Lead Magnet Needs To Be Great

You are not going to get many people that will subscribe to your email list just because your content is great. There is a real reluctance these days to part with email addresses because of the spam problem. So you need a great lead magnet to provide the necessary incentive for your visitors to opt in.

The lead magnet can be a written document such as a report or even a video. Think your lead magnet through carefully and ensure that it will add value. A poor lead magnet will lead to lots of unsubscribes from your list and you don’t want that to happen.

Position Yourself In Front Of Targeted Traffic

When you are starting out you need targeted traffic that is interested in your niche. Creating content that is never viewed can seem like a total waste of time but keep going. Getting 10 – 20 visitors a month to your website is very demoralizing so this is what you can do:

Establish the relevant social channels for your brand. Be sure to use your name or the name of your brand in your channel. Depending upon your niche you will want to have channels on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook you can find groups that are related to your niche. Be sure to post regularly to these groups but do not spam them. You can get a lot of traffic to your website by doing this. Create a specific Facebook page and also use Twitter to get your message out.

There are content aggregators that can help you to get your posts distributed. Finding them is easy – just use your favorite search engine. You can blog on LinkedIn and Quora for even more traffic. Always be looking at ways to build your following. Guest posting on high traffic blogs is also a good traffic strategy.

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