How To Get Your Emails Opened First Time


The subject of an email is the very first thing (and sometimes the only thing) a person will see when they receive an email from someone they don’t know. So how do we get past this? Well if you have read previous posts you know the advantages of getting to know the person or at least be in a position where they will recognize your name before sending marketing email. If this is not possible however you have to make sure the subject line makes them want to read what you have to say. It’s like the headline of an article or blog post. If it doesn’t interest you or grab your attention you won’t read any further. So how to solve this problem?

There are a number of ways to grab the reader’s attention and get them to open an email. 8 tried and true methods for getting this done can be found in The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly. He mentions them as headlines but they work just as effectively as email subject lines.

Direct Headlines- Go straight to the point and tell the reader what you are offering. No play on words just straight to it. “Best Value Mobile Apps Available”

Indirect Headline takes a more subtle approach. It will intrigue them to read on so they can find out the meaning behind the play on words. “Nothing Like a New Toy” the article has nothing to do with toys but rather refers to the exciting new medium of mobile apps.

News Headline- This is quite self-explanatory. Simply putting your proposition across in the form of an announcement or something of public interest like “Mobile Applications, now affordable for even the smallest business”

The How to Headline- This works a treat (got you to read this far). One of my favorites. Has been successful for years across a range of mediums and will continue to work into the future.

The Command Headline- This is a simple one but again very effective at capturing readers attention. “Don’t waste money on ineffective marketing”

The Question Headline- now this is a tough one because it must be a question that intrigues the reader. After all if they are not interested in the answer why would they open the email? “Who wants greater ROI from their marketing?”

The Reason Why Headline- This is another great option and ties in closely with the question headline in my opinion. You must be very careful to relate it to something your prospect cares about. “Why More and More Businesses Are Adopting Mobile Applications”

The Testimonial Headline- This gives the reader a third party opinion of your business or what you have to say, which is effective because some people don’t like to hear you blowing your own trumpet. “We have experienced a 30% increase in patronage after send a push notification”

Another interesting option I read recently was simply using the subject “hey.” Barrack Obama’s campaign reported they received more donations using this subject line than anything else. This makes sense if you think about it because often we just scan our email inbox and the headline “hey” would appear to have come from a friend or someone we know. I have tried this in recent campaigns but the results have not proven too successful compared to other options.

Maybe it will work for you.

Give these a try and let me know which ones work best for you.

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