How To Get The Best Responses And Results From Your Email Marketing Campaign


Here’s what typically happens to most email marketing campaigns…

The campaign starts out great sending out emails every single day for a month. People are enjoying the emails, they are filled with great content and the engagement levels are through the roof.

Then, about a month later, the marketer focuses heavily on something else and gets distracted. A month has gone by without one email being sent out. The marketer decides to start emailing again only to find out his open rates and click through rates are low… seriously low. People are no longer engaging with the marketer.

The reality is that people get a ton of emails sent to them every single day. They only have so much time (and probably so much patience) when it comes to reading emails. Bottom line is when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. When you attempt a comeback, it’s too late.

So what’s the solution? What can you do?

Don’t use broadcasts in your email campaign. Put all of your emails in your follow up sequence and set the whole campaign on autopilot. For every email you write, insert it into the end of your campaign. The first thing you should do everyday is spend 30 minutes writing your email. Even if you do nothing else for the entire day, you’ve still accomplished something and you’ve stayed in the minds of the people on your list.

Here’s where the magic comes in…

Simply write a 200 word ‘daily tip’ email for your follow up sequence and insert it. Then, take that same email and add at least 200 more words and turn it into an article that you’ll submit to your favorite article directory. You can write 100 words as an introduction to the topic and write another 100 words as more ‘meat’ for the article. Submit your article and you’re done!

What would happen to your information business if you spent 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week? You’d have 250 emails in your follow up sequence and 250 articles online after 1 year. Your list would be getting daily tip emails for 250 straight days. How much would that change your business? How simple is this formula? How many marketers are doing this in their business? I think you see the power in this strategy.

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