How to Get Started With Writing Follow Up Emails


Follow up emails are important to keep in touch with your subscribers, promote products to them and ultimately generate sales. You may already know that you must have a variety of emails to keep your subscribers interested. The three basic types of follow up email are email that educates only, email that educates and sells, and email that sells only.

Watch and Learn

Subscribe to 3-4 successful marketers on the internet and learn from the emails you receive from them. Among the things that you should take note are the subject, contents and intervals of each follow up.

Learn from the way they write their subject that can attract subscribers to read the contents. Then, look at the different types of contents that they send to their subscribers and how they promote their products in the contents. Lastly, pay attention to the frequency in which the emails are being sent. Duplicate and tweak their emails strategy and you can start composing your own follow up emails that suit your niche market.

Write Your Own Follow up Emails

Although you can outsource your email writing effort, I recommend that you write your own emails and outsource other tasks instead. Do not be too concerned about your language skills as long as you can get the message across. By writing your own emails, you will be more aware of what you’re writing to your subscribers. In the long term you will achieve much greater achievement because you know what your subscribers need.

Schedule Your Follow up Emails

How often should you send your follow up? The rule of thumb is to send once every day for competitive niche like internet marketing niche and 2-3 times per week for less competitive niche like hobby and self-help niche. More importantly, you have to be consistent in sending emails to your subscribers.

Schedule your follow up to be sent at a consistent pace so that your subscribers know when to anticipate your emails. Gradually, they will begin to pay attention to your emails and broadcasts and in time they will start taking action and purchase products from you.

Keep a Follow up Emails Folder

Create a folder and keep a record of all the follow up emails that you’ve composed before. Analyze the kind of subjects or headlines which are more attractive and offer more clicks. You can always edit them to suit your next niche market or read them again to gain more inspiration for writing more follow up emails.

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