How to Get High Page Rank for Your Website!


The purpose of this article is to enable New Comers and few Gurus, who do not know how to get their domain/website to a comfortable position on Search Engines to have a good knowledge on how to do the arduous task.

A free traffic from search engines which invariably converts to money making from your site can be very difficult, without knowing how to go about page ranking.

It should all start by looking for highly searched keywords and select only one that the Advertisers’ competition is not too high; to avoid competition rivalry with other highly ranked websites that are already favored by Search Engines. So also you must see that your keyword has a good conversion rate for clicks.

Find the below example to see how it is done:

Supposing you have “encryption software” as your keyword; encryption software has about 5,400 search result for this month, also has a low figure for competition rivalry and $4.28 as the click conversion rate which is not too bad.

Then you should form your domain out of that keyword and make it sexy, short and related to the “encryption software” which is your keyword.

Having done that properly; you now need to add your site to some major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo and many others. After then, you should boost your site with the following:

i. Aggressive article marketing with some unique articles be submitted to ezines,
ii. Link your articles to your content website from your resource box,
iii. Submit your relevant articles through article directory,
iv. Write few words on Twitter about your articles on daily basis,
v. Bookmark your articles and your site at social book marking sites,
vi. You should as well submit your links to social sites.

All the above can be achieved through hard work; which you can do if you have enough time to do so.

Furthermore, if you do not have enough time to conduct the above search works to the fullest. There is a link below that can lead you to a reliable resource; where you can just get your software and start to optimize your site to reach the page one and possibly find your site at number one of your keyword page rank.

You can get lots of Software Tools that can be of good help for you to reach the first page of your ranking page, within the shortest possible time without much effort. Though! You need to use the suitable software for the job.

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