How To Format E-Mail Marketing Messages For Maximum Leads


Email marketing is something all online marketers have to learn one time or another. Email is such a great medium that not taking advantage of it is just wrong. When you have an online business or website you want to promote, using email marketing messages to do so is a simple and effective way of getting leads. But the thing is that it often it happens that people just get tired of the emails they are receiving and hit ‘unsubscribe’. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen. Here’s how you can format email marketing messages to ensure maximum leads.

Confirming the sign-up of the subscriber: This is the first thing to do if you want your email marketing messages to be taken seriously. Confirming with your subscriber on email about whether he or she has subscribed shows that you are responsible and not interested in spamming. It also tells you whether or not you will end up in the junk email bin.

Give something ‘free’: Yes, this may sound like something physical you have to give away, but it may also mean some advice or tips. Giving information or advice on a topic that the subscriber was initially interested in will create the impression that you are actually doing her a favor. For instance, certain marriage counselors send email messages to their subscribers giving them advice and tips on how to improve their marriages. Now this may sound as if no one will pay to get counseling from the counselors in question because the advice is available free, the truth is just the opposite. When people see that someone is offering them good value free of cost, they are more likely to pay to know what is available when there’s a price.

Using video effectively: A lot of people prefer seeing something than reading. That is why using video in your emails to your subscribers is a great way of getting noticed and giving people a call to action. Just a simple video now and then is enough, no need to go for anything very sophisticated. This is especially true for small businesses whose sole purpose of using the online mode is to get the maximum leads in the cheapest way possible.

Get personal: Formatting your email marketing messages in away so that the person reading it feels as if you are talking to her is a great idea. Remember, the reader is a person with real emotions and feelings. She is reading your email because she wants to improve her business or life in some way. As such, talk to her directly, letting her know that you care.

Ask questions: Asking questions in emails is a great way of making people notice you and your business. Ask direct questions and give people a call to action. When questions are asked directly, more people will feel the need to answer it.

The sale: Yes, you have to mention your product after everything. Do so every time you send out an email to make sure that the business aspect is not overshadowed.

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